Sponsorship Packages

If anyone knows the true meaning of fandom, it’s the thousands of cyclists who have participated in the tours offered by Columbus Outdoor Pursuits for the past several decades.

We have 12+ tours throughout the season for all classes of riders in addition to TOSRV.

TOSRV – The Tour of the Scioto River Valley, and its thousands of loyal fans put Ohio on the map in the 1960s as a vital community of biking enthusiasts. It’s cult-like following of riders continues to make it “the ride” to ride early in the season.

How can I contribute?

Choose from one of our Sponsorship Packages that include free registration and organization promotion through our social media channels.

Donate $ – Yes, it’s that simple. We will use your money wisely, according to the fiduciary responsibility that is baked into our by-laws. We volunteer hundreds of hours to make these events the best they can be and every penny is watched and spent wisely to make the rider experience the best it can be.

Donate your special sauce to the ride – Maybe you make the best ice cream in Ohio. Maybe your hot chicken is what riders crave on their 50-mile lunch stop. Whatever you make, however you make it, if it can serve approximately 1500 riders, we’d love to have you become one of our in-kind donors for the events. Exclusive or partial sponsorships available.

Scholarship Opportunities:
Donate $ to the COP Scholarship Fund – this fund removes barriers to riding within the Ohio community. The fund provides meals, lodging, and support for participants to ride at a greatly reduced or zero cost. We work with organizations such as Franklinton CycleWorks to identify candidates.

Donate equipment to recipients of the Scholarship Fund – Some riders need the basics to get trained up and participate. You can help with this by donating new equipment and accessories.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]