May 16-17, 2020

    Coming soon…the 59th Annual Tour of the Scioto River Valley

Information on this site reflects 2019 event. The site will be updated in December, 2019 for the 59th event. Registration will open Sunday, January 26, 2020.

The American Spring Classic

There are many rides, but only one is America’s bicycle touring classic; TOSRV. The Tour of the Scioto River Valley began as a father-and-son outing 1962 before quickly growing into (at one time) the nation’s largest bicycle touring weekend.

Typically, about 1500 cyclists participate in the annual May weekend tour, covering approximately 200 miles during the weekend (100 miles Saturday and 100 miles Sunday). The tour will leave from either Canal Winchester or Portsmouth on Saturday morning – rider preference! There will be plenty of paved, secure, weekend parking next to and around this location.

Since the TOSRV route runs along the Scioto River valley, it avoids the large hills of southern Ohio.

Riders have many options for the amount of miles they want to ride. Registration options for the ride are available here.

TOSRV is organized by Columbus Outdoor Pursuits (COP), an organization with a full range of non-competitive outdoor activities. The tour has become known as America’s Bicycle Touring Classic.